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Apply your knowledge of customer behavior with our retail analytics solution and increase your sales conversion rates and revenues. Improve Efficiency in Physical Locations. 

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How V-Count Can Benefit Your Business?

We increase your revenue by bringing e-commerce style
analytics to your physical locations.

900+ companies worldwide use V-Count to improve their operations.

Meet the V-Count

A  global 360-degree visitor analytics suite for physical locations with products installed in more than 100 countries and 42,000 points for 900+ customers including Samsonite, Samsung, Marks & Spencer, Swatch and Swarovski. We have a dynamic team of 80+ in our London, Dubai, Miami,Brussels,Kuala Lumpur  and  Istanbul  offices.

Since 2020 we operate in Czech Republic with TWDC Prague.

People counting

Measure the number of people passing by and customers entering your store anonymously.



Heatmap solution allows you to follow the customers’ journey inside your store and discover the most attractive areas.

Queue Management

V-Count solution can accurately measure the number of customers at checkout desks real-time and let you measure, analyze & optimize service.

Demographic Analysis

 Optimize the design of your store and marketing campaingns according to the demographics of your visitors, or rearrange merchandising according to your visitors’ gender and age groups and increase business results. Know who your visitors are and deliver a positive shopping experience with customer demographic analysis.


Understand better your target audience and fullfill its expectations. Know who your visitors are and deliver a positive shopping experience with customer demographic analysis. Plan your marketing campaigns according to your customers’ gender and age groups to target the right segment.


Ultima AI: The World’s Ultimate People Counting Sensor​

  1. Ultima AI is the next-generation people counting sensor with the highest accuracy on the market. Its all-in-one approach integrates all the core solutions into the thinnest people tracking sensor in the world with advanced features and easy setup.

Precise. All-in-one, AI Solution

Meet the next-generation people counting/tracking sensor with advanced capabilities. It offers the highest accuracy on the market and its also the thinnest people tracking sensor in the world.


It brings you all the core solutions of bi-directional people counting, age & gender recognition, mood analysys, staff exclusion, queue measurement, adult/children differentiation, heatmap & zone counting, face mask detection, social distancing in one powerful sensor. 

Unmatched Accuracy Up To 99.9%

More precision than ever. Our state-of-art 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking allow for up to 99.9% counting accuracy. It can count crowds up to millions.

Plug & Play

Forget about heavy cabling works. Ultima AI boasts a built-in E-sim global connection to 3G, 4G, 5G, and Power-over-Ethernet. Plug & play everywhere in seconds. Whatever your business goals, Ultima AI has it all..



Business Intelligence Platform

  1. Control all your physical spaces, devices data and business growth on a single platform. Analyze all operations and departments with sophisticated yet easy-to-use fully customizable reports.
  2. Cloud-based – Campaign analytics tool – Customized interfaces
  3. Can integrate with online store data and compare online vs offline data side by side 


Shopping malls

Increase the efficiency of your shopping mall areas by measuring the real potential and performance of your entrances, hallways, and key spaces.

Mall traffic statistics show that Shopping Malls draw vast numbers of visitors, mostly because of the extensive shopping opportunities they provide, but also for their entertainment value. 

With the help of mall traffic counters and the analytics they provide, mall managers have the power to shape each visitor’s journey, as long as they have the necessary intelligence about their behavioral triggers. 


Retail Store Analytics

In-store retail analytics is the process of collecting analytical data from your retail store software to provide a better understanding of your customers and their behavior and ultimately improve the performance. When utilized, retail customer counters can help your retail store optimize marketing and operational strategies. Actionable retail analytics data enables retailers to arrange their store layouts, window displays, and merchandise according to their performance. 


VCARE: Manage Your Occupancy Limits in Real-time

Follow government social distancing restrictions on COVID-19 by anonymously tracking & managing incoming visitor traffic with digital screening. Monitor live your occupancy levels to keep your customers and staff safe.

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A  global 360-degree visitor analytics suite for physical locations.

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